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Farez.FM Ep 11: Jeremiah Oh & I talk about Crypto's Santa Rally, Trend Spotting Strategies, Spy Satellites, Enough Exoplanets, UFOs and AI Alignment


In this conversation, Farez and Jeremiah discuss the performance and predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum, the potential impact of ETFs on crypto, investing strategies beyond the top two cryptocurrencies, the relationship between crypto and the stock market, and the timeline for crypto growth and adoption. They also touch on the surveillance satellite launched by China and NASA's discovery of exoplanets with possible subsurface oceans. The conversation highlights the pressure of necessity for crypto adoption and the fascination with aliens compared to Bigfoot. In this conversation, Farez FM and Jeremiah discuss various mysteries and unknowns, including UFO sightings, the depths of the ocean, and the intersection of AI and extraterrestrial life. They also touch on the importance of data science, the power of information and data, and the lag time of understanding AGI. The concept of AI alignment and the potential dangers of imperfect AGI are explored. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the complexity of AI alignment research and the importance of social media and thought leadership.


Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen significant growth and are expected to continue performing well, but a major correction may be on the horizon.

Investing in altcoins and shitcoins can be a risky strategy, but it can also lead to significant gains if done carefully and with thorough research.

The potential for ETFs and the integration of AI in the crypto space could drive further adoption and legitimization of cryptocurrencies.

The surveillance satellite launched by China and NASA's discovery of exoplanets with possible subsurface oceans highlight ongoing advancements in space exploration and technology.

The fascination with aliens and the possibility of extraterrestrial life continues to captivate public interest, while interest in Bigfoot has waned in comparison. There are many mysteries and unknowns in the world, including UFO sightings and the depths of the ocean.

The intersection of AI and extraterrestrial life is a fascinating topic, with the possibility that aliens may be monitoring our technological advancements.

Data science plays a crucial role in understanding and analyzing the vast amount of information available to us.

AI alignment is an important area of research to ensure that AI systems act in accordance with human values and objectives.


00:00 Introduction and Catching Up

01:27 Bitcoin and Ethereum Performance

02:53 Predictions and Concerns for Crypto

05:19 The Relationship Between Crypto and the Stock Market

07:52 Expectations for Bitcoin Corrections

09:19 Investing Strategies Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum

10:44 Investing in Altcoins and Shitcoins

16:48 The Potential of Solana and Ethereum ETFs

19:31 The Impact of AI on Crypto Adoption

23:25 The Narrative and Legitimization of Crypto

27:12 Timeline for Crypto Growth and Adoption

30:07 The Pressure of Necessity for Crypto Adoption

34:00 Surveillance Satellites and Exoplanets

44:09 Chinese Spy Satellite and NASA's Exoplanet Discovery

49:20 The Fascination with Aliens and Bigfoot

53:10 Mysteries of the Earth

54:12 UFO Sightings

55:08 The Unknown Depths of the Ocean

56:04 The Intersection of AI and Extraterrestrial Life

57:02 The Purpose of UFO Sightings

58:14 The Importance of Data Science

59:11 The Power of Information and Data

01:00:11 The Lag Time of Understanding AGI

01:01:10 AI Alignment and Ethical Frameworks

01:02:35 The Concept of AI Alignment

01:03:33 The Potential of AI Systems to Act Independently

01:04:02 True Intelligence and AGI

01:05:00 The Dangers of Imperfect AGI

01:06:26 The Complexity of AI Alignment Research

01:07:25 The Importance of Social Media and Thot Leadership

Sorry about Jeremiah's out of sync video at the end. The podcast tool I was using is clearly not good. Switched to Riverside.FM now.

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